Summertime and Swimming

Summertime and Swimming

The summer is fast approaching, with all the great things that summer brings. The sunshine, blue skies, green grass and the school holidays. Time for kids to come away from the television or the computer games, and get some great outdoor days, swimming, hiking, playing.

There will be, by the end of the summer however, an annual statistic directly linked to hot sunny days, and that sad figure will unfortunately be, the inevitable number, (hopefully very small), of children who will drown this season.

It is not inevitable, but the odds are more likely than not, that because they were Continue reading Summertime and Swimming

Using Hand Held Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones At The Wheel

In a world of statistics and figures, (x amount of this, or y amount of that), the mobile phone in the car has delivered a vast array of numbers and statistics.

Some 75% of drivers have admitted to using a phone behind the wheel, however briefly, at some time or another.

Some 80% of drivers agree that the use of phones whilst driving should be banned. Figures for self-flagellating drivers are not available.

One thing for sure, is that phones are distracting, and therefore to be discouraged. The government made a discouragement statute in 2003, making its use whilst driving illegal, and misuse carrying a penalty of Continue reading Using Hand Held Mobile Phones

Is it Safe To Buy Backlinks?

Buying Backlinks – Is It Safe?

It used to be common practice for website owners to simply buy backlinks that they thought would help their organic search rankings, and thump them into pages of their website that they wanted to rank better.

The problem with this was that google had a massive purge of non Google friendly practices such as this and dropped offending sites from their search results.

Consequently, many website owners are very cautious about buying links and consequently are only building totally organic links – which is a very slow and Continue reading Is it Safe To Buy Backlinks?

Shopping From Home

Shopping from Home Cyber-Safely

The boffins who invented fibre optic cabling probably didn’t have online shopping in mind as one of the benefits of speedy broadband connections, but here it is, a market worth billions of pounds per year and growing fast.

The slight trouble with any commerce involving huge sums of money, is that it invariably attracts the attention of the criminal classes.

You may think that international cyber criminals and professional spammers and phishers won’t be interested in you, well, they Continue reading Shopping From Home

Road Construction in the UK

Modern Road Construction UK

The great road builders of Britain, unfortunately, packed up shop and went back to Rome in the beginning of the fourth century.

The Roman Empire was in decline, their European borders were being overrun, the legions were needed nearer home, and took with them the engineers, the architects, and the knowledge of road construction.

Their roads remain, in places today as monuments to their construction skills, and it was to take thirteen hundred years before roads of equally hardy construction were built Continue reading Road Construction in the UK