Is it Safe To Buy Backlinks?

Buying Backlinks – Is It Safe?

It used to be common practice for website owners to simply buy backlinks that they thought would help their organic search rankings, and thump them into pages of their website that they wanted to rank better.

The problem with this was that google had a massive purge of non Google friendly practices such as this and dropped offending sites from their search results.

Consequently, many website owners are very cautious about buying links and consequently are only building totally organic links – which is a very slow and laborious process.

In the modern day, paid links in one form or another still have a very beneficial impact on rankings, but it’s very important to build them correctly and only from safe locations.

How To Buy Backlinks Safely

Many website owners use a firewall to protect their websites from any future potential changes to Google’s algorithms that might harm their rankings.

Follow this advice from Deeho and instead of linking directly to your site content using a paid link (no matter how well hidden the paid element may be), link to an article that you have published and have control over.

This has several benefits; firstly, if you ever need to edit the link you can because you have control over it and secondly, the paid link qualifies your new article, removing it’s ‘orphan status‘ and giving it authority.

If a page you buy a link from has any text on it related to buying a link then you immediately run a big risk because if you can see how to buy a link, Google can too & they can easily automate the detection process as they have successfully done in millions of instances.

Instead, sellers of backlinks build them on anonymous sites with no “links for sale here” text or content.

If you choose where you buy backlinks with care and due diligence you will protect yourself from future ranking penalties.